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Name:Kimizuka Osamu
Birthdate:Jan 29
Kimizuka Osamu is a friend of Ritsuka's from his previous elementary school. Ritsuka is said to be "the only one who calls her unformally Osamu-chan."
Yukio meets her when Osamu comes to visit Ritsuka after one of his school days. Yuiko immediately views her as a love rival.

Osamu reveals that Ritsuka's old school required uniforms and had a photography club that her and Ritsuka were a part of. Like Ritsuka, Osamu enjoys taking photography. But, the only person she takes pictures of is Ritsuka. Osamu only takes pictures of plants and construction items, normally. Osamu seems to have a secret collection of Ritsuka photos.

Osamu missed her old classmate, Ritsuka, so much that she skipped her afternoon classes to come and visit him.

Osamu's father gave her her name because he thought it sounded pretty. Because it's generally a male's name and often mixed up for her being a boy, she goes by her last name and Ritsuka is the only on who calls her by her first. When her and Ritsuka first met, she accidentally used his first name and from then on it stuck.
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